Ferry Tales

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One of Baadsvik's most loved albums.
"The music has warmth and depth, and is presented with love."
Oleg Ledeniov, MusicWeb

MusicWeb reviw:
This disc is unusual in several ways. First, it is not tuba-centred. The piano has an important role, as well as the strings. It's usually the combination of some two of these three voices that you hear. The pianist is the composer, arranger and conductor Erlend Skomsvoll. The third voice comes from the Trondheim Soloists, a Grammy-nominated chamber string ensemble. They are resonant and delicate. Baadsvik's virtuosity is far from being offered as the main attraction of the disc: the tuba is silent for long stretches of time. The focus is on the music itself, and the tuba player just happens to be a virtuoso. Such unselfishness is praiseworthy.
...You don't need to be a tuba enthusiast in order to listen to this disc: but you'll probably become one at the end. The music has warmth and depth, and is presented with love.

Oleg Ledeniov, MusicWeb

Baadsvik about the release
The release of this disc is the end of a eleven-year journey, lined with aha experiences, unprecedented public response and extraordinary people with faith in the music, but also bad luck, technical problems and lack of faith. 

It all started in 1999 when pianist/composer Skomsvoll Erlend and I were touring the West Coast of Norway. In between concerts and chess playing were many discussions about music, and during one of the countless ferry trips the idea of making a CD together was born (thereby the CD title). The music should be composed and arranged by Erlend and me, it should be genre-crossing and the instrumentation should be tuba, piano and string quartet.
The first concert was held in Namsos, Norway. The audience was very enthusiastic about what they thought to be a new musical concept, which led to yet another concert at Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, where the concert was recorded for a possible CD release. After another applauded concert we looked forward to hearing the recording. Everything was gone. Someone (me) had forgotten to press "Save" on the recorder!

We recorded a couple of songs for NRK, Norwegian radio, and then we all took of to do different projects.
The process stopped, we had no money and I assumed that the music was never destined to be recorded. But then something totally unexpected happened. After I had played some of this music at a concert in Greensboro, North Carolina in 2001, the amateur tubist Gary Price from Houston came up to me and says that he loved the music. He offered to finance a good part of the recording costs so that the CD could be released. Gary was not a rich man and at that point had the choice to support the album or to buy a new car. "... And how many will be happy if I buy a new car?" he says before he drives off in his old Honda.
After this incredible gesture I regain my belief in music. The Trondheim Soloists with its leader Øyvind Gimse are very curious about different musical styles and enter the project as an active partner. I had just signed a contract with the BIS recording label, and in 2005 we finally recorded half of the CD. Then I do four other discs on the BIS before I finally found time to finish the project in 2010, more than ten years after the idea was born. I think it was worth the wait!

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